Support Groups

Group Psychotherapy is a unique opportunity to learn about ourselves through interaction and feedback from others.  Groups are held in a supportive environment that encourages people to deepen their listening skills and talk about themselves in ways that may be too intimidating in the “real world.”   If you are interested in joining a group, please read the group agreement letter located on the Documents page. 

I currently facilitate three groups

Co-Ed Therapy/Support Group

This group has been in existence for thirteen years and is a mature group.  The group currently has one opening for one male member.

Men’s Support Group

This group is a place for men to talk about their feelings in a non-judgmental environment and learn to be better listeners. (Men generally do not listen as well as women do!)  This group is full, but there is currently no one on the waiting list. If you’d like to be added to the wait list or want more information, contact me

Young Adult Group

This co-ed group is for people ages 20-30.  We focus on the difficulties involved in adjusting to being on your own or still living with parents.  We also discuss the tension between being in intimate relationships versus  deepening one’s own individuality.  This group is currently looking for more members.

Group Image